The Kitchen Magick Cookbook

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Make the most of every morsel and enjoy every bite.

A simple, no-nonsense cookbook that incorporates ancestral themes of frugality, simplicity, and ingenuity – and a little bit of magick.

In these pages, you will find uncomplicated, budget-friendly meals that are accessible to even the most inexperienced home cook, broken down into the most basic of steps.

Love the Earth.

In an effort to choose eco-conscious printing and publishing methods, The Kitchen Magick Cookbook is available via print-on-demand. The process creates less waste by ensuring minimal/no excess or unnecessary product. 

This means that The Kitchen Magick Cookbook is not mass-produced; when you order a copy, it is printed especially for you. Print-on-demand does require a slightly longer production/shipping time (approx. 2 – 3 weeks), but Mother Earth is worth it!

Notes & News.

Hardcover Update:
Calling all hardcore hardcover lovers: the Kitchen Magick Cookbook is finally available in hardback.

Speedier Shipping:
If you just can’t wait to start making magick in your kitchen, limited quantities of the Kitchen Magick Cookbook can now be purchased with the bonus of fast, free shipping through Amazon Prime, Walmart, and Target!

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