Of Kings and Cheerful Things Have you ever wondered why Holly is so important in Yuletide […]
​In preparation for this Sunday’s New Moon, I have spent some time contemplating on what I’d […]
Yesterday was the first day of school for my younger kids, and today is the first […]
Today is the second anniversary of my maternal grandmother’s passing into the Summerlands. I am taking some […]
​As some of you know, my little shop is called “Tarot & Thyme”. What you may […]
The greatest act of unconditional love is to allow another the freedom for unbridled self-exploration,  silently […]
Mabon contemplation:It is not my responsibility to explain my beliefs or viewpoints. I do not need […]
Forgiveness has been my focus word for the month of September. As expected, the Universe gave […]
For some, an altar space is just something that looks pretty, set up to catch the […]
​As promised ~ tonight’s Full Supermoon/Samhain reading, just for you!Embrace your courage, your wit and your […]