​”Pay no interest to what someone says they want to do, and very little to what they say […]
Retro-Posts consist of content that I wrote in the past, earlier on in my journey. You […]
​Well, here it is, January 10th, and already I’m considering my garden plans for spring. Too […]
​Our daily guidance comes in countless forms. We cannot interfere with your physical life except in […]
Since I’ve spent the past two weeks packing, I’ve decided to take today off. I’ve got […]
I am finally taking some time to myself in order to write; with the move coming […]
​Halloween brings to mind images of grinning jack-o-lanterns, black cats and masked munchkins darting from door […]
​Manifestation = the art of creation. We all co-create our own lives, with every thought, every […]
​Healing baths are one of my favorite ways to use crystals for personal wellness. It is […]
Crystals and stones are amazing healing tools if you are looking to do some gentle, yet […]