As many of you have seen on Instagram, I’ve been collecting and drying summer blooms like crazy. One of my favourite summertime practices is to mindfully harvest flowers and leaves to use through the year in teas, spells, incense, and offerings. This means that my altar space is loaded with hanging bundles of plants, leaving it a little crowded and chaotic. But it’s the best kind of chaos.

I’m often asked exactly what flowers I choose to dry, and the honest answer is that I generally collect a little bit of everything. You see, over the years, I have learned that the most potent ingredients for your practice are the ones that grow where you live. Of course, I still order the things I can’t find locally from my favourite witchy shops, but the majority of the botanicals you see me use are those that I’ve hand-harvested with care.

A few of my go-to magickal plants are:

White Clover – facing and overcoming fear, intuition, supports through change

Red Clover – financial spells, good luck, good health, protection

Pineapple Weed/Wild Chamomile – lifts mood, calms worries, helps with women’s cycles

Daisies – inner child work, simplifying and gaining clarity, new beginnings/opportunities

Forsythia – energizes and awakens the mind, positive shift in mindset, peaceful thoughts

Crabapple –  love (particularly self-love), connection with the Otherworld, divination

Wild Mint – good luck, mental clarity, attracts money

Red Sorrel/Sheep Sorrel – clears a space after conflict, matters of the heart, recovery from illness or trauma

Lilac – protection from wayward spirits, exorcism of negative influences from life, attracts joy

Dandelion – psychic energy, divination, calling upon the ancestors

Spruce Tips – protection of the home, strengthening spiritual practice, divination and intuition

Fir Tips – new beginnings, manifestation energy, communication

Strawberry – romance, finding solutions to challenges, fertility of all kinds

Raspberry – protection (particularly for mothers and children), divine feminine, business matters

Violets – transformation and change, calm anger and frustration, speaking truth

Yarrow – setting boundaries, courage, shield against external energies/influences

Tansy – used for spells intended to have long-term effects, honouring passed loved ones, protection from injustice

Most of these plants grow nearly everywhere in North America, and can be foraged easily. If you intend to use any of them in teas or to take them into your body in any way, please make absolutely sure that you have correctly identified the plant using at least three credible sources. If you’re in doubt, just dry and use in spell jars, sachet, or other non-edible workings.

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