Retro-Posts consist of content that I wrote in the past, earlier on in my journey. You may notice that some of my ideas, concepts and understandings have evolved and deepened over time ~ I have decided that it is important to be completely open about my path, and take pride in the learning I have done along the way. I hope that it empowers some of you to recognize the need to allow yourself to shed all that no longer serves you, and be open to changing your perceptions, and growing into and out of each stage in the process of self-exploration and self-realization. I have learned to appreciate this spiritual adventure, and look forward to further transformation as I move into the future ~ care to join me? 

In light of the holiday season, I have been thinking a lot about the huge shift in vibration around this time every year. People act different. We are more giving, compassionate and kind. We hold space for peace and brotherhood. We speak the language of Love.Most people consider this to be a by-product of the holidays, and claim to get “caught up” in the Spirit. They take little responsibility for their good deeds, blaming it on “Christmas Fever”. In reality, all we are doing is coming closer to our natural state of being. Humans being are naturally giving, kind and generous. We know, on some deeper level, that we will always have enough, provided we are willing to help others to have enough, too. It is our collective consciousness and our awareness of the Law of Attraction. Not to mention, it just feels really great to be nice!So, I’ve decided to take full advantage of the heightened vibrations coursing through Gaia this year by holding a space for prayer requests, sharing of intentions, and even stories of uplifting experiences and miracles that you have witnessed. Please take as much room as you need in the comments section below this post.I am manifesting a virtual vortex overflowing with positive and healing energy, and I invite you to pour into it your wonderful and unique “flavor”. This is completely non-denominational, and, although I celebrate Christmas in a “New Age” kind of way, I accept and honor your own beautiful Truth, and am grateful for any blessings and greetings you choose to use. After the holidays, I will leave this post up and open for comments, to be a permanent and ongoing source of Love and positivity.Much Love and many blessings to you and yours through the holiday season, and the whole year through!



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