I had a dream last night that inspired me! In it, I was in my home fearfully anticipating a robbery that I thought would take place, and scurried from room to room preparing for the terrible act I was convinced was going to happen.  Alas, it never occurred.  When I woke up, I had an overwhelming sense of peace and understanding. I have been fretting about what my future holds, making assumptions and forming expectations based on experiences from the past. This is holding me back from both enjoying myself and from moving forward, illustrated by the fact that I couldn’t leave my house in my dream, because my fears had overtaken my focus.   How many of us live our entire lives in fear of what “might” happen?  How many hours have we wasted preparing for “disasters” that never occurred? Looking back, would you have spent your time in a different way, knowing that, in the end, everything turned out alright?   Just for today – know that right now, in this moment you are safe and protected.  Know that everything, right now, is okay.  Know that right now is the only thing that IS.  The past is complete, and the future is unwritten.  Right NOW is what we have.  Let go of the fears that you are carrying from the past, and step boldly into the future that YOU desire, full of Love and positive intent. YOU get to choose how to live your days; in fear of what might happen, or in exhilaration of what IS.  



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