I’d like to create a series of blog posts, outlining my own interpretation of the Tarot, based on my experience with them. I will begin with a simple explanation of each individual card, in no particular order, as each one has a personality and message that is important all on its own.I feel that, when you’re just beginning to work with the Tarot (or oracle cards, for that matter), it is best to start by working with only one-card at a time in your readings. Only when you have made a connection with each card can you truly understand how they interact with each other in a multi-card spread.That said, it is equally important to realize that everyone has the ability to read Tarot – it is a matter of making a connection with spiritual energy, and with the cards themselves. It is your own energy and intention that awakens the deck, and it will speak in a language that only you will understand. If your intentions are to help and to heal, you will receive helpful guidance and healing messages. If your (or your sitter’s) intentions are to use the cards as ‘toys’, or to ridicule the art of divination, you will receive mocking, muddy and possibly meaningless spreads. Remember this when using the Tarot, oracle cards, or any other form of Divination; spiritual respect and humility are key elements of becoming a true reader of any kind.Now, although I am sharing this series as an introduction to the meanings of the cards, please keep in mind that my interpretations are neither right nor wrong – they are simply my own. As you connect and work with your cards, you will most likely find that some (or even all) of my meanings are different from those that you intuitively ‘know’. When this happens, please know that you are absolutely on the right track. It is a sure sign that your cards have chosen to teach you their own personal language. From that point forward, any person who receives messages from you through your cards, is, indeed, receiving a message that no other person on the planet can deliver in a more perfect way. This is not to be mistaken for ego-centered pride – it is merely a simple fact for which you can be grateful.Another point that should be acknowledged is that each Tarot deck will be unique, and therefore, so will be their meanings. Every time you choose to use a new deck, you should take your time to acquaint yourself with them, and learn how they feel and what they say. The creators of each deck will have imprinted a different energetic message within each card, and so you may find that some decks resonate more than others. Don’t force it – trust yourself and your gifts to grow and become stronger as you enjoy the process of opening to the mysteries and magick of Divination.I will make a later post with information from my “Learn to Read” workshop, in which I teach those who are new to Divination the basics of reading cards. In it, I cover (among other things) the process of clearing and protecting yourself and your space, how the cards work, how to read them, and how to align with your intuitive abilities in order to ‘hear’ messages.  I hope you enjoy this informal Tarot series – be sure to let me know if you have questions!



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