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In my experience, the Seven of Pentacles deserves a lot more credit than it tends to receive. Here are some of the meanings that this card holds for me:


  • Time for harvest.
  • Your intentions are manifesting – make sure you nurture your dreams and not your fears!
  • Your hard work is paying off.
  • You need to take a break from hard work, but don’t rest for too long.
  • Opportunities are available, so reflect upon the ones that are most appealing to you.
  • Reflect upon what you have learned through this process of growth.
  • Be patient. Wait for the right time to take action.
  • Even when things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like, know that there is always hope.
  • The pause before hard work begins. Enjoy it, and prepare yourself.
  • There is no need to worry – soon you will find that you have “planted the right seeds”.
  • Harvest your abundance with gratitude and grace.
  • Rest assured that you will always have ‘enough’.
  • Take a step back and appreciate the fruits of your labour.
  • You have the power to manifest everything you need for now and the future.
  • Realize that the abundance you have now (no matter how small it seems) is a gift from the Universe. Be grateful.


  • Ill deeds from the past may be coming back to haunt you.
  • It is time to face the consequences of your actions. Reap what you have sown.
  • Disappointment in the results from something that was important to you.
  • Failing to do the work necessary to bring your desires to fruition.
  • Losing interest in a project, relationship, job, etc.
  • Laziness, feelings of entitlement, carelessness.
  • Lack of focus or motivation.
  • Missing opportunities for abundance.
  • Being ungrateful or failing to acknowledge the blessings that are before you.
  • Looking a gift horse in the mouth.
  • Being unappreciative of the resources that are available.
  • Being unsatisfied with what you already have, wanting more than is available to you.
  • Waiting too long to “harvest” opportunities.
  • Hanging on to unrealistic expectations or beliefs.
  • Lack of the skills needed to do the job at hand, or pretending to have skills that you don’t.
  • Fear of inadequacy.
  • Don’t try to be everything to everyone.
  • Taking more than you need. Greed.



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