​As you may have already heard, a solar eclipse will occur on March 8. It is an important event, particularly on a spiritual level.I feel as though this Solar Eclipse will offer opportunities on two fronts. One, emotionally as a release of dense energy and pain that we harbor from the past, and the other, as an extremely potent flow of manifestation.Because it is under the sign of Pisces (a water sign), we will feel it deep in the core of our emotions and soul. It has the potential to shake us down to our very foundations – not in a negative or scary way, but in a way that will help us grow and mature. It is a chance to resolve pain and fear that we have buried within our subconscious – past experiences that we hold onto too tightly can be detrimental to our well being, and even cause physical symptoms.Although it is difficult for many to accept, the following is one of the primary keys to unlocking your own gateway to enlightenment: you are not a victim. It is easy to play the role of the victim, and blame poor decisions, bad habits or negative mindsets on other people or outside events. Self-pity is never a useful state of mind, and will attract nothing but more negative experiences toward you. You are not a victim – you are a survivor.This is a time to take back your power, and rise above the wounds of the past, and take responsibility for your own life and the choices you make, no matter how much it hurts. Humility and self-love is key.Forgive yourself and others for anything and everything that doesn’t make you feel wonderful. Holding on to anger and resentment doesn’t hurt anyone but you. The answer is and always has been to allow yourself to grieve, then pick up the pieces of your heart and move forward, leaving whatever or whoever hurt you in the past with all of the spiritual poison they brought with them.Be compassionate with yourself as we move through this Solar Eclipse – chances are, you will find yourself feeling extra sensitive and emotional about the most minor things. Focus your attention on having gratitude for everything and everyone you hold dear. Allow your tears to be a result of your joy, rather than of sorrow. Those same tears will release the pain that you carry, but in a much gentler and uplifting way. By releasing from these programmed and comfortable habits and behaviors, it is only natural to expect that you could find yourself questioning everything else you’ve ever “known” for certain. You could find yourself craving a stronger connection with your spirituality, or questioning your current belief system. This is absolutely normal, so accept this burst of inspiration and energy, and use it to fuel the fiery passion in your belly as you explore this most amazing new awareness.   The other major aspect of this eclipse is that of a monumental new beginning. This could be in the form of a move, a new job, or even a change in relationship. It can also be on an emotional or spiritual level, as a deepening of your faith, making plans to follow your life purpose, or adopting a healthier lifestyle. Whatever this change is, it will be the catalyst in altering your entire way of life. The most important thing to remember in this process is to go with the flow – use this energy to your advantage! Resisting the changes will only serve to prolong the inevitable, and cause it to be a painful process. Let go of rigid expectations about *how* events are occurring, and focus instead on the end result.  The fact that the Solar Eclipse is in the sign of Pisces means that all of this manifestation power is fuelled by your heart and emotions – your purpose, values and passions need to take the forefront when creating your new, improved life. Give your heart the same respect that you give your head when making decisions, and, above all else, follow your bliss. Your intuition is never wrong – consider your body and spirit as a compass; when you’re on the right path, you will feel excited and happy (possibly even a little nervous). When you’re heading in the wrong direction, you won’t feel nearly as great, because your intuition is pointing in the opposite direction, directly at your dreams.Of course, with so much amazing energy packed into one eclipse, it would be far too much to handle all at once. Although the eclipse occurs on March 8, the effects will be running strong until the next Solar Eclipse in September. So use the next six months to set clear intentions and goals, then take steps each and every day toward them, no matter how small. Shed your fears and doubts, and give yourself permission to transform.As with all eclipses, it is necessary for something to end in order for something new to begin. Letting go of the past is the only way to make room for the new beginning that is waiting for you. Think of it like a snake shedding its skin – they must allow the old to completely fall away in order to grow. They also don’t carry any pieces of it with them, so in the same fashion, make sure that you are not carrying any old, tired beliefs, habits, things or even people with you as you move into your transformation.Two final notes about this exciting shift: first, it is common that our sense of time is interrupted and confused during an eclipse. Allow yourself extra time to get to work, appointments, etc., and try not to set strict time limits on yourself. Go with the flow, and enjoy the freedom. Second, with all of the manifestation and creativity over the next six months, it is incredibly important that you allow yourself time to rest and heal. It is an exciting time, and you will find that you have great bursts of energy as you build upon your dreams and desires. It is also a time of great healing, and your body, mind and spirit require ample amounts of sleep and rest in order to maintain the level of energy required for transformation on such a scale.I feel like I need to include a disclaimer: even though the power of this eclipse will be felt by all of Earth’s inhabitants, we are all granted free-will. It is up to you to choose to use this time to actively create the life you want. It is you who must do the work – the Universe will simply make the road much more smooth during this time.So, my friend, I invite you to join me in celebrating this amazing gift from the Universe. Live in gratitude, and stand in your power. You are a magickal being, and you have the ability to create your own reality. I wish you abundance, love and bliss!



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