Today, I woke up at 5:30 am.  That’s pretty early, especially considering that just 2 weeks ago, I lived in a different time zone, which would make that 4:30 am. Before we moved, I was reluctant to get out of bed at 7.But something is different here.I find myself wanting to be awake earlier. I’m excited to be up before the rest of the family, to sit on the back porch and enjoy my morning tea in the company of a thousand songbirds. I can’t wait to inhale the damp, early morning fresh air, scented with wild strawberries and the faintest hint of spruce. I love every second of peace as I gaze out onto our homestead and daydream about where we’ll put the chicken coop, whether I will wait 2 years or 3 to adopt milking goats, and where, exactly I’d like to position my vegetable garden.There is something different here.Opportunity.For a simpler life. A more grounded, and connected life. A wholistic life. A peaceful life. A life lived outside of man-made chaos and drama.Outside of the “rat race”. Where our hard work and effort directly benefit our family, and not a landlord, a mortgage company or a multi-billion dollar corporation.The knowledge that this sanctuary is ours -just ours – is more peace of mind than I could ever have hoped for.This is the beginning of our homestead journey.And I think its an excellent way to start.



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