​Manifestation = the art of creation. We all co-create our own lives, with every thought, every action, reaction, and intention. Where we stand in this minute is the sum of every decision we have made so far along our path. A lot of people have trouble accepting this Truth, mostly because we don’t like taking responsibility for anything except the positive aspects of our lives ~ it is much easier to be the “victim”, living in the illusion that we just can’t help the way things are.  Obviously, there are some situations where we aren’t in control, but here we are discussing your regular, everyday life.For example; Charlie constantly complains that he dislikes his job, and that he wishes he could work elsewhere, yet he refuses to take any kind of action to either search for a better job, or to educate himself to open doors of opportunity. One day, he is laid off without notice, causing him to panic and have feelings of “How dare they?”.  In fact, it wasn’t “them” at all ~ it was the Universe bringing him exactly what he was asking for… the opportunity to move into a new career.  Charlie has two choices: take advantage of this amazing opportunity and move into a job that he loves, or else continue along his path under the illusion that he has no control over the situation, and that the world is against him.  When we become conscious of the role we play in our past, present and future, we empower ourselves to take control of our existence, and to make improvements and adjustments wherever necessary in order to create the abundance we all deserve.First, let’s clear up the meaning of the word “Abundance” (at least in the context of this article) ~ it’s not just about receiving lots of money. Abundance comes in many forms: friendship, health, family, love, a home, good food, clean water; when we understand this true sense of the word, we realize that we live in a very abundant society, leading very abundant lives, which brings us to the first step in Manifestation ~ Be Grateful.Being grateful is easy. Really. Although, when people are caught up in the daily grind, rushing from one obligation to another, and focused on everything that went wrong on any given day, they have a hard time admitting that they really are lucky and blessed. A good way to start being grateful is to lay in bed for a few minutes each morning before you get up, and count all of the positive things you have at that moment; air to breathe, a roof over your head, blankets and a bed, your children, spouse, family, friends, food, a hot shower, the ability to read, etc. Chances are, you will run out of time before you run out of blessings to count!Only after you have become truly grateful can you begin to manifest; until then, your efforts will be either partially or fully blocked by unhealthy beliefs that your present life isn’t good enough, by feelings of greed and self-pity, or by the habit of taking what you already have for granted. Once you have removed at least some of these hurdles, you are ready to start!Visualization is very important when manifesting; keeping a solid vision and intention in your mind of what you want to create, and what it will be like when it is complete. For example, if you are manifesting financial abundance, picture yourself reading over your bank statements after you have paid all of your bills in full, seeing a comfortable account balance. Don’t try to put limitations on when the abundance will come, or where it will come from; simply see it there, and feel the security, as if you are living in that moment. When you decide to “fill in the blanks” of how, when, where and why, you create roadblocks, closing some of the doors through which your abundance can flow toward you, filtering it and slowing it down.Another great manifestation technique is to take advantage of the amazing energy of the New Moon. This is when the moon is renewing and beginning a fresh cycle, pouring that energy upon Earth and all of her inhabitants. It’s no secret that the Moon affects our tides, seasons, and our natural cycles as Humans Being. As the waxing Moon builds its strength, it will build your dreams, as well. One of the easiest ways to use the Moon’s energy is to stand outside during a New Moon, and state, either out loud or in your head, your manifestations. Be clear and keep it simple; remember not to water it down with details, and to only manifest a few things at a time so that you don’t become overwhelmed.Burying a piece of paper with your manifestations written on it is also a popular tool that many people use. All you need to do is write down your goals on a slip of paper, then, on the New Moon, bury that slip of paper, either in the garden, in your lawn, or even in a potted plant in your home. Remember to perform these rituals with grace and gratitude for all that you have, and for all that you will receive. Once you’ve planted your desires, all you need to do is visualize, work toward your goal, and watch them grow!Because we don’t put limitations on how our manifestations will appear, be open and receptive to all of the doors that open for you, no matter how off-the-wall they may seem. Your Guides and Angels are working hard in order to bring these things into your physical world, and sometimes they need to be very creative! Even though our Guides, Angels and the Universe will do their absolute best to bring us everything we ask for, it is imperative that we continue to work hard, and actively move in the right direction; without our participation and consciousness, we can’t expect anything to improve or change. Inaction is essentially the decision that everything will remain the same.The final step in manifestation is to Trust. Know that Abundance is coming to you; feel it, and embrace it! Trust that your Guides and Angels are doing everything in their power to get you what you want. Giving them updates and reinforcement every once in a while, letting them know of any changes, and confirming what you have already asked for are all great ideas, but the best thing to do is just to thank them for all of their hard work ~ Gratitude is a powerful force. When opportunities come up, don’t be afraid to take them ~ it is through these opportunities that your manifestations are becoming “reality”. Take Action! Sometimes, you may have the chance to take a Leap of Faith; a beautiful experience, as is being pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Trust that your team of Angels and Guides wants to see you happy, and keep the communication open between you. In this way, you make their jobs easier, because they have no need to work under the burden of negative energy caused by your doubts.This is a very basic description of the steps involved in manifestation; because it is a very personal matter, you should most definitely adapt your own process to reflect your unique tastes and comfort level. Like always, there is no “right” or “wrong”, as long as you are acting with positive and light-filled intentions. Accept only Love and joy, and leave the rest behind ~ you deserve to live an Abundant and Blissful life!



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