… or do most people naturally gravitate toward nesting this time of year?We clean out closets, stock up on preserves, prepare for the upcoming cold season, just like our great grandparents did. Only, to a lesser degree in most cases. In modern society, we really don’t need to.But we do it anyway.Its like there is some deep-rooted, instinctual drive to echo the activities of generations past. I’m itching to get into our already-acquired dream home and begin our simpler, organic lifestyle.Of course the huge, beautiful oak kitchen is a good motivator. But what I’m really craving are early mornings spent in it, cleaning off freshly gathered eggs for breakfast. Chatting with my girls over tea and hot chocolate before they catch their bus to school. Nibbling lunch with the Hubs between projects, and planning future shenanigans with him. Helping the girls choose paint colors for their bedrooms. And consistently making great memories while growing and learning together.I spend hours upon hours daydreaming of the layout of the house, the future gardens, the daily routines and (best of all) the peace of being outside of the insanity of urban living – I truly am finding it more and more difficult to exist in the constant noise, ‘progress’ and ever-expanding concrete.Our dream is becoming our reality, one small step at a time. Until the physical shift, I am occupying myself by learning new skills (I am currently enrolled in a course to learn more about gathering, processing and administering herbal medicines), and collecting tools and resources we’ll need in the future. It’s not easy to be so close to this paradise and be unable to touch it just yet.Evidently, the most difficult part of the transition is the wait…*sigh* I need another tea – I feel the urge to dive back into ‘The Family Save-All’… our fore-mothers and -fathers really knew their stuff!



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