​”Pay no interest to what someone says they want to do, and very little to what they say they are going to do. The importance lies within what a person is doing.” ~ AnonymousLet this not be misconstrued, or misunderstood to mean that we should not dream about what we wish to achieve in our lives. Every reality begins as a humble idea, and visualization is key to manifestation. In this context, I am discussing the differences between “I want”, “I’m going to”, and the “I am” types of people. Please bear with me as I try to put the jumble of inspiration bouncing around inside me into words.We all assume traits of each of these archetypes many times each day, and each one is an essential and wonderful part of who we are on this incredible journey. Every great vision is inspired by something that we want; financial security, a healthier lifestyle, joyful relationships with our loved ones. For the purposes of this post, I am taking this to a larger scale, focusing on its relevance with regards to the “big” issues: life purpose, career, crucial decisions, etc.Saying that you want something is like creating a door of opportunity. Write it down in detail, so that you can nail down a clear image of what you wish to achieve. This also gives your team of angels some material to work with as they help you to create your wants into reality.Follow this up with a plan of action, saying with conviction “I’m going to”, and you’re on the right track. This, however, is the crucial point of any endeavor, where you must decide whether you will remain an “I’m going to” person, or proceed to becoming an “I am”.Most inspirations do not survive this transition, for many reasons; lack of resources, no further need for a particular want, or (most commonly) loss of motivation to take action. Although many tasks may seem insurmountable at first, when you break them down into small, manageable steps, you can make a little progress each day, and avoid over-exerting yourself or losing interest.Without a doubt, everyone we know will be predominant in one of the three categories; surely we have all listened to certain dear friends talk about their every want and wish each time we chat with them, yet they never seem to make it past the dreaming stage. These people have the ability to be extremely inspiring when it comes to formulating new ideas and projects. They can be visionaries and fantastic brain-stormers, provided they are able to tap into their “I’m going to” persona, as well. It is most important for “I want” individuals to channel their energies effectively, keeping a positive state of mind about the endless opportunities that await them, as opposed to becoming negative by complaining about what they don’t have.I personally find that the majority of people are most comfortable in the “I’m going to” state. In fact, I spent years in this state of being. “I’m going to” people are different from the “I want” folks, and shouldn’t be confused with each other. For example:
An “I want” person would say: “I want to be an astronaut.”

An “I’m going to person would say: “I am going to be an astronaut one day. I’m going to enroll in astronaut courses, then work for NASA, and walk on the moon. Then I’m going to explore other planets, and discover new life forms.”

This type of person finds it easy to picture every aspect of what it would be like to actually have what they want, and are excited at the aspect of speculating on what they would need to do in order to get there. Those who choose to stay in this “safety zone” sometimes become what I consider to be chronic “I’m going to-ers”; they constantly elaborate on what they are going to do, with or without the true intent to follow through, yet they never seem to cross the threshold in order to make it a reality.Sadly, I feel that its normally one (or more) of three things that hold a person back from stepping out from “going to” and into “I am” – habit, doubt or fear. So many of us are dangerously comfortable inside our habits (i.e. regular daily schedule, responsibilities [or lack thereof], or simply that of being an “I’m going to” person). Doubt is just as serious an obstacle – self doubt being the most popular. Fear, though, tops the list; fear of failure, fear of responsibility, fear of rejection and fear of success, just to name a few. Just imagine how amazing life could be if we shed those nasty downers, and follow our bliss whole-heartedly!The last type of person, the “I am”, is my most favorite, and it is what I strive to be. “I am” folks are motivated, and are actively taking taking steps toward their “going to” plans, and allowing their path to evolve beautifully and naturally as time goes on. They aren’t necessarily rich and famous, but they are happy and content with where they are in their journey.It takes energy, courage, determination, patience and trust in order to make it that far, but it is well worth the effort. Whether your “I am” vision is to be an astronaut, a doctor or a painter, you can, with no exceptions, become that. If it is what you truly desire, and you can muster the strength to get started, it will all fall gently and perfectly into place; all you need to do is stay positive, re-affirm that you are already that which you want to be, and take a small step each and every day toward that goal, and it will be yours.So, Dear Friends, what do you want to be when you grow up? Whatever your heart calls out to, know that I believe in you, with all my being. As for me? Each time I write, learn something new, make a new friend or help someone grow, it is Divine confirmation: I am.



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