​Healing baths are one of my favorite ways to use crystals for personal wellness. It is a very private, unique, and empowering experience, and I recommend that everyone try a bath when they are just beginning to use crystals and stones. It is easy, relaxing, and very effective. Water is a great conductor of energy, absorbing the vibrations of the stones and distributing it evenly through the entire bath; this makes it much easier for your body to absorb all of the wonderful energies. The warm water will also help to relax muscles, ease tension, and release stress.To start, set aside a time when you will be able to have uninterrupted quiet; although it will do you no harm to be stopped short during your bath, if you must leave the session mid way through, you definitely will not feel its full benefits. Schedule some time for yourself, and don’t compromise; treat it as you would treat an appointment with your doctor. While you are getting ready for your bath, try to let your mind wander, and if daily stresses or worries present themselves, change your focus back to how wonderful your bath will be, and what you intend to gain from it. This is an effective way to prepare your mind for relaxation, and over time, it will train your subconscious to leave your troubles outside of your sanctuary.Leisurely look over your stones, and decide which ones you would like to use in your bath; if you are drawn to water soluble stones, simply place them in clear glass containers and set them on the side of the bathtub. After you have selected your stones, pick out a candle to light. White is a good color to use for your first few baths. It will provide you with protection, positive energy, and purification. In later posts, I will go over different colors and their uses, and then you can choose your candles according to your particular needs for each bath. If you enjoy incense, pick out a lightly scented one to light in the bathroom – these are optional though, as some people find scents to be too distracting when just starting out. Chamomile, Rose, and Ylang Ylang are a few of my preferred scents. You may like to find some relaxing music, or even some nature sounds to play during your bath.After you have everything you need for your bath, set your scene up in the bathroom. Place your incense on the counter, where you will be able to smell it, but not be bombarded by it. Light your candle, and place it in a safe spot. Make sure you have a large towel – the more luxurious the better; the color isn’t overly important to begin with, but white or pink work wonderfully for newbies. As you draw your bathwater, make sure that it is not too hot, but that it is warm enough that it will stay at a comfortable temperature for the duration of your healing session. I encourage you to add 3 small scoops of sea-salt to the water, which will absorb negative energy, as well as cleanse and purify your subtle bodies.  As the bathtub is filling, set out your stones gently along the edge where they will be easy for you to reach after you are in the bath.When the bath is full, before you step in, say an affirmation, stating the intention of your bath, and asking for your guides and angels to surround you. As with programming your stones, this affirmation only needs to be what comes to your mind. An example is:“I call upon my guides and Angels to be with me during my healing bath. The purpose of this bath is to cleanse my aura of fear and negativity, both from me and from other people. I am surrounded by light, and unconditional love.”Step into your bath, and feel the warmth of the water surround you as you lean back and get comfortable. Sit quietly for a minute or two, and focus on attracting positive energy into your body and your bathwater. My favorite way to begin these baths is to count my blessings, and to think of everything in my life for which I am grateful. This is one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration, which makes it much easier for you to hear your intuition, and to find a fresh and positive state of mind. After you are feeling relaxed and at ease, place your stones in (or around) the bathtub as you are guided. As you place each crystal, hold the intention that he or she will release healing energy into the water, and that you will absorb it wherever it is needed.When all of the stones are where you need them, close your eyes and focus on relaxing each of your muscles, starting with your feet, and moving up your body, until you reach the top of your head. After you feel completely at peace, visualize a ball of white light that slowly gets bigger and bigger, until it envelopes your entire being. Picture the light sinking into your body, making you feel as if you are floating. Next, see the light turning into a brilliant emerald green color, emanating healing energy.  Picture your body absorbing it. You may notice that certain areas will absorb more light than others; rest assured that there is always more than enough light to go around, so allow yourself to absorb as much as you need.  Now visualize the light turning back to white, and see it surrounding you with protection and positivity. This light will stay with you even after your bath.When you feel ready, remove each stone from the bath, one at a time, thanking each one for its healing. Once they are out of the water, stand up and step out of the bathtub. After you have wrapped yourself in your towel, pull the plug, and watch the water drain. It is important that you watch all of the water as it exits the bath, and envision that all of the negativity and fear that you released into it is disappearing with the water. Hold the intention that it will be re-purified and transformed into positive and clean water as it passes through the purification system. Finally, blow out your candle, and thank your guides and angels for being with you. Calmly return all of your crystals, and your other tools to their rightful places, and move on with the rest of your day or evening. Make it a point to avoid having strenuous conversations, watching or reading negative-based subject matter, or even thinking about upsetting issues; this is your sacred time, and you deserve it!When you feel comfortable with these healing baths, you can move on to more advanced sessions, such as spiritual and emotional releases, Karmic balances and connection with your higher self. Because those types of sessions are more complicated, and sometimes bring about strong emotions or purging, I suggest that they only be attempted if you have guidance from someone with a fair amount of experience.



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