Since I’ve spent the past two weeks packing, I’ve decided to take today off. I’ve got a hot tea, some gingersnaps and my laptop, and I’m sitting with my children watching “The Polar Express”. I’ve seen it over and over again, it being one of our family’s favorite holiday movies, but I still adore it. Tom Hanks has got to be the coolest guy around, and his work on this movie is nothing short of fantastic! Aside from that, the entire movie is so magical and mysterious that it is enchanting for kids and adults alike.The thing I love the most is the wonder it creates for children. A little boy has trouble believing in Santa, and so he is invited on an amazing train ride to the North Pole to find out for himself that he is, in fact, very real. It addresses a lot of questions that kids have about believing in the good and magical. But more importantly, it teaches us to have faith, the importance of friendship, and the belief in miracles, which is so important, yet so neglected in today’s world. I see so many parents ruining the magic and the joy for their little ones far too early in their lives. What makes it worse, is that they encourage their children to follow their lead, by not believing in the Big Man in Red. How can we expect them to move forward in their lives when we convince them not to use their imaginations, and not to believe in things that they can’t see with their own eyes?And so we come to the main topic of this post ~ your relationship with Saint Nicholas himself. I challenge you to answer this very crucial question:Do you believe in Santa Claus?Think long and hard about it, because it is not as simple as asking whether or not a bearded man jumps down your chimney each year, nibbles a few snacks, then plops a few gifts under your Christmas tree.I am asking if you believe in unconditional, and unbiased generosity; giving of yourself in any way you can, whether it is donating money to a children’s hospital, volunteering at a local food bank, or buying a hot cup of coffee for a frazzled single mom who needs a break.I am asking if you believe in the pure love that runs deep within each of us, connecting every being on Earth; will you nurture this connection by spending time with the people you hold dear, creating wonderful new memories with them?I’m asking if you believe that we can have peace and brotherhood on our planet, releasing all judgments and dogmas, bringing an end to all hate.I’m asking if you believe that bringing a smile to a child’s face is worth more than all the money, fame and glory in the world.Santa Claus does not exist just to deliver toys to children all over the globe; he exists as a role model of everything that a human being CAN be, and to show us that if we love and serve others, expecting nothing in return but a gesture of goodwill and thanks (in his case, with a glass of milk and a few cookies) we will find the peace and joy that the world has been lacking for thousands of years.So, I ask you again ~ Do you believe in Santa Claus?



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