Crustless Spinach-Bacon-Cheese Quiche​​(keep in mind, we are a large family, so portions are big)1 dozen eggs1/4 cup flour1 1/4 cups milk1 lb bacon2 cups cheese, cubed6-8 cups of fresh spinachchives and chive blossoms1. Chop the bacon into small pieces. Cook in frying pan, then allow to drain on paper towels. ***Keep the bacon grease in the frying pan!2. Drop all of the spinach into the pan with the bacon grease. Allow to cook down, then drain the excess liquid. Place spinach as a base layer in a large casserole dish or baking pan.3. Spread the bacon evenly on top of the spinach, and the cheese on top of the bacon.4. Place the flour in a deep mixing bowl, and add the milk. Whisk until smooth.5. Add the eggs (the whole dozen) to the milk mixture, and whisk until well blended.6. Cut the chives into pieces using sharp scissors, and pull the petals from the chive blossoms. Add to the egg mixture.7, Pour egg mixture into the casserole, covering all other ingredients.8. Bake at 350* about 35 – 40 mins, or until cooked through. Note ~ you may notice that the quiche has huge bubbles, but they will settle down as it cools after baking9. Allow to cool 5 – 10 minutes, then serve!



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