The Queen of Diamonds asks you to take control of your Earthly life. It is time to grasp the reins of your own abundance, stability and physical health, and recognize the part you play in the difficult situations you may be facing. Placing the blame on others for “stealing your thunder” (signified by the 7 of Spades), will do you no good – the energy you waste while complaining and explaining is much better spent in taking stock of your resources and current opportunities, learning from your own poor judgement in the situation, and focusing on moving forward (signified by the 3 of Clubs). What is your next move? Is it really worth the fight? Will the outcome make you happy, or are you only seeking revenge? Take some time right now to stop and decide who is controlling your current actions and decisions – you, or your ego? Victimhood is such a burden to bear ~ choose to be a Survivor, instead. You’ve got this. ✨

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