Blessed Samhain! □ This is a perfect time for divination, so I created this miniature sacred space for you to enjoy ✨ the Six of Swords, reversed, indicates that you already know that you have outgrown the situation at hand, yet you hesitate to move on. It is time to be honest with yourself, and decide if you are willing to push beyond the familiar, comfortable walls in order to create the life you know you’re destined for. Remember ~ not making the choice to move forward is to decide that everything will remain the same. The Three of Cups is your guidance to overcome this challenge ~ reach out to friends and family who care for your well-being. Seek out the wisdom of those who will support and encourage your efforts. And, most importantly, hold your own joy sacred. Make your happiness a priority. Laugh, dance and be merry, consciously choosing to love yourself, to love others, and to love life itself. For that, my darling, is your true essence and it will shine brightly through the darkest of nights, lighting your way to the dawn of your own transformation. ✨ (music playing in the background: “Making the Mead” by Paul Newman)

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