​Our daily guidance comes in countless forms. We cannot interfere with your physical life except in the most extreme circumstances. So instead, we send reminders and messages in a smaller, more subtle form. We do it in this way so that we do not influence your thoughts or actions, yet guide you to the best possible outcome in any situation. Sometimes our messages are not intended to give you any guidance at all, simply reassurance that we are, indeed with you, even in the most difficult of times. We each have our own methods and symbols that we pass along to you, but we are sure to make our signs meaningful to you and your current situation. We place these messages in positions where you will most definitely see them. Whether you notice them is your choice. It takes coordination and work in order to ensure that the timing and placement is perfect, but we are glad to do it. We find our joy in seeing you succeed in all that you are. Not all are able to see our messages, and those that do take notice can trust them without doubt. Those of you who cannot see the signs that we manifest for you, please be patient with yourself, and with us. Communication comes more easily for some than for others. Simply know that we are here, and we are delivering messages as we see fit. Your task is to take notice. We know and accept that not all are going to be ready in this lifetime to accept our presence as truth, or to find their own divine connection with God. It is simply a part of your soul’s journey. Follow your own path, and know that it will lead to your perfect outcome.  Many of you are experiencing difficulty at this time. For this we express our support and love for you through it. We must be careful, though; this is a period of learning for so many, and should we interfere, it could affect your ability or desire to learn the lessons set out in this lifetime. When times are bleak, and you begin to lose hope, reaffirm that you chose this life, and these lessons. Reflect as to why you may have chosen the lessons you are learning. Have you embraced and moved forward, or do you still find yourself struggling with the same issues over and over? Remember that you can not proceed with your life until you have completed the step you are on. Look for patterns in your behavior, your actions and your feelings. Notice which ones are negative, and which are desirable. Our best guidance to you is to release and discard the negativity, so that your Self can be light as a feather, and attract the abundance flow once more. Know your cycles, honor them and improve upon them so that they are better able to serve you and the Universe. Do not think in your ego. Think, instead, from the perspective in the web of life in which you stand. This is your true vantage point… all else is an illusion created on earth. Fear, anger, hatred, injustice. These are earthly things. We do not support them, nor do we put our attention to them if we do not need to. Please, surround yourself with the light of Love and Patience. Trust us, so that we may find your inner light, instead of shrouding it with dark clouds and doubt in our abilities. There is no end to our love for you, but we do ask that you show us love, as well, by trusting that we are doing all we can for you at any given moment. Your fear and worry distracts us from our true intentions and light-filled tasks. Our purpose is not to release you from this man-made prison of doubt and fear – that is your job. We can assist you with some of this, but we cannot do it for you, nor do we wish to exert our energies in doing so. Dear Ones, we Love you unconditionally, and we are always here with you. It is time for you to take action and responsibility for creating your own abundance and success, so that we may support your efforts. Until you take this upon yourselves, nothing shall change, because your inaction gives us no energy to work with. Praying is powerful, and all prayers are heard. Prayer without action, though, is a key without a door to unlock. You, Beautiful Spirits, must take it upon yourselves to provide us with the resources in your physical world so that we may help you to create all that you desire.



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