My warrior was awakened this evening. In the past, I would have asked her to be more quiet. To sit back down. To control herself.Not tonight. Tonight, my warrior roared. She growled and spoke with so much power that I stood in awe in my own mind. Her actions were not in anger. Each word was chosen carefully – not one syllable was spared, yet not one too many were spoken.So what did I learn from this? I learned that my warrior is one badass chick. And I think she’s awesome. I may just let her speak more often, when the occasion calls.”Do not ask me to stand silent in the midst of injustice and darkness, for I will not – can not – partake in the cruelty that blankets the world. Especially when such participation is in the form of idleness and indifference. Such betrayal of my values is but death to my soul.”



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