The Chariot. Of every Tarot deck I have ever used, the Chariot is always one of the most beautifulof the cards. I’m not about to get into the nitty gritty of the Major vs. Minor Arcana, nor am I going to discuss the numerical placement of the Chariot in the “order” of the deck. For my purposes here, I am going to focus only on a select few of the general meaning of this card to me, personally, as a stand-alone message. This interpretation can change from spread to spread, with regards to its placement, its relation to other cards, the energy of the reading itself, and many, many other factors.  Here are some of the meanings that this card holds for me, sorted into two categories; Shadow Work and Light Work.Shadow work *can* refer to a card that is reversed (upside down) in a spread, but this isn’t always the case. Consider its influence upon the other cards surrounding it, as well as the situation for which (or person for whom) the cards are being read.Alternatively, Light Work, doesn’t necessarily refer only to “right side up” card ~ it could be a hidden blessing, an unknown helpful force, or even the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. Above all, trust your intuition.Shadow Work:
Are you sure you’re going down the right path? Check your moral and spiritual compass and re-think your route, and possibly your destination.
Feeling stuck and unable to move forward.
Waiting for someone else to take you where you need to go, when you need to take the reins and move forward on your own.
Failure to make a plan or have a vision.
Riding head-first into the unknown without thinking or preparation.
Jumping on the bandwagon isn’t always a good idea.
Who is leading your chariot? No matter how good their intentions, their own best interests will always come before yours.
Take control of this situation.
A need for change and movement. Stagnation will not serve your highest good.
Stubbornness, selfishness and ignorance of the needs of others.
Feelings of superiority over others.
A warning to keep the ego out of all decisions and communications.
Clearly define your intentions; a need for more information before embarking on a journey.
Slow down. You’re missing vital information and experiences that will improve your journey.

Light Work:
The time has come to make your move!
Be courageous – you’ve dreamed of this adventure.
You are in control of this situation.
You are more powerful than you think.
There is a change or move coming up.
Travel and adventure.
Balance is possible and desired, and must be achieved through your own efforts.
You are your own hero.
You are safe and protected through any upcoming shifts.
It’s time to take the reins of your own chariot.
Trust that you know the right path to take.
Regardless of how difficult the journey may seem right now, the destination will make it worthwhile.
Take the scenic route. Life is a journey to enjoy, not a race to the finish line.
There is potential for a successful venture – but it will take dedication, patience, planning and hard work.
You are being supported by strong and trustworthy friends.



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