For some, an altar space is just something that looks pretty, set up to catch the eye and express creativity. For others, the altar is the physical center for spiritual practice; a sacred space dedicated to working magick and healing the spirit, to receiving guidance and giving thanks. I subscribe to the latter.When feeling down, afraid, frustrated or confused, I visit my altar space. When feeling happy, energized, motivated and inspired, I visit my altar space. When I need clarity and connection to Deity, guardians and ancestors, I visit my altar space. When wandering quietly, enjoying the peace of an empty house, I visit my altar space. ​The altar space, to me, is not just a pretty shelf adorned with candles, crystals and trinkets. It is the Nemeton (sacred grove) that connects me with the realm of Spirit, love, healing and personal power. In it, I find balance, peace and – most importantly – a connection to myself.



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