The slow and gentle inhale of the Goddess as she prepares to serenade us with explosions […]
Considering that North America will be experiencing a Solar Eclipse this afternoon, I thought it would […]
Monday morning well-being tidbit for your consideration: “Do you prefer that you be right or happy?” […]
I have been feeling very introspective this last while, and craving the chance to be a […]
​In preparation for this Sunday’s New Moon, I have spent some time contemplating on what I’d […]
Blessed Samhain! □ This is a perfect time for divination, so I created this miniature sacred […]
Earlier today, I shared photos of my handmade incense cones on Instagram. I was asked for […]
​As promised ~ tonight’s Full Supermoon/Samhain reading, just for you!Embrace your courage, your wit and your […]
For some, an altar space is just something that looks pretty, set up to catch the […]
Forgiveness has been my focus word for the month of September. As expected, the Universe gave […]